Colour Grading & Video Production in Perth

Technology has definitely changed the way information is transferred from one person to another; videos more especially are a good way of making communication easier and more effective. Videos have been a powerful tool in expressing one’s feeling or opinion, convincing someone, or sharing important information whether it is news, general information or even about a certain product or service.

Videos are now being used to market a business. Business owners utilise videos to build brand awareness; videos are more effective in delivering information compared to texts and images. However the challenge for businesses is to create excellent videos to be able to achieve effective marketing. To achieve this goal, colour grading for video productions plays a key role.

Video colour grading is the process of modifying scenes to have a colour tone. This is done to convey an emotion or signify a change. The process starts by taking the original video footage and then adding certain elements to the entire scene. An example is a scene like TV commercial video production that has blue tint to it to convey a melancholy feeling or a clean look.

In every video production, lighting plays an important role. However in digital movies, colour grading for video productions in Perth also has a huge impact on giving the movie a film look as opposed to digital home movie feel. So if you do not have enough budgets for a lot of lighting, you may use colour grading.

Watch this tutorial on how to colour grade:

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