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Perth, the capital of the state Western Australia, is located on the banks of Swan River. It is more commonly known as “the city of lights”. It experiences a Mediterranean climate with ample of seasonal rainfall. Sea breeze blows over the city in the summer afternoons to relieve the people from heat. It attracts several Perth flights annually. The conurbation played host to the Commonwealth Games held in 1962. Some places of interest in the destination which are directly responsible for bringing tourists are discussed below:

Aquarium of Western Australia

Aquarium of Western Australia is located in Hillary’s and is Australia’s largest aquarium till date. Its initial name was Underwater World but was changed to its current name with the change of its owners. The aquarium exhibits all native and exotic marine animals which account for over four hundred species in total. It inhabits seals and presents several shows each year. The aquarium once used to host a dolphin family which was poisoned. One gets the opportunity to feel the marine life closely by diving into the aquarium under guidance. Some of the animals showcased there include fish, turtles, sharks, stingray and others attracting several flights to Perth all throughout the year.

Cohunu Koala Park

When visiting this metropolis, one must not miss the Cohunu Koala Park which is at an easy distance from the conurbation. The journey to the park is full of bush tracks which tourists can explore on their way to the park. Some exceptional attractions include wombats, parrots, kangaroos, deer, dingoes, emus and most importantly koalas which signify the name of the park. One gets an opportunity to cuddle with the koalas and feed them as these animals are pretty friendly with human beings. Photographs are allowed with the koalas only between ten in the morning and 4 in the evening. Be it children, youths or oldies, all are found to be delighted at this place which receives many cheap flights to Perth.

Swan Valley

Swan Valley is well known for its breweries and wineries, which were started long ago by immigrants from Europe. The place is characterized by best quality wines like Ports and Muscats as well as many liqueur wines. One can not only taste the beer which is produced in the micro breweries, but can also opt from over twenty beers brewed there. The swan valley is also characterized by several local restaurants and food courts which offer chilled beer and fresh eatables. These allurements attract many families to board Perth flights.

Kings Park

Kings Park is situated on the west of the city offering a truly verdant sight encompassing gardens and parklands. It was the first park in Australia to be used by public owning the country’s largest wild flowers. The park invites many families, students, artists and nature lovers to book flights to Perth. One of its beauties, the botanic garden inhabits plenty of Australian floras and focuses on plant conservation.