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While I was shopping online for blinds, I kept noticing the company Hillarys Blinds menioned on several sites. I had never heard of them so decided to do some research. I compressed all the info for you here incase you had never heard of them either. Hillarys Blinds is a manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom and have been around for 35 years. The company allows you to choose and are known for their wide high quality selection of over 750 fabrics and styles of wondiw coverings that can be made to measure your for your specific requirements and needs. Their website is easily accessable, where you can collect all the information you need on all the products that they sell. Like so many other major manufacturing company these days, you can order any product online and they promise to deliver it within 5 working days ( I think it may vary depending on where you live). Hillarys Blinds also offer their customers free phone calls, free quotes, free advice, free measuring and free window fitting.

Hillarys Blinds advertise the to sell every type of window covering imaginable such as vertical blinds, pleated blinds, roman blinds, panel blinds, venetian blinds, roller blinds, and woodweave blinds. Speaking from experience, having such a wide range of window coverings to choose from allows you to decorate every room as differently as you wish, depending of course on what style and function you are trying to achieve. The Room Creator on the website can be used to give yourself a great idea of what certain fabrics and styles will look like in your home. After which you can use the Comapre Tool, to verify the prices of the various styles and colors that you are interested in for your home.

As well as providing many interior options they can also offer many ideas that can help you turn an outdoor space into a comfortable living environment; Hillarys Blinds sell a wide range of awnings.

Awnings are built from the outside wall of your home to cover your patio or sitting area. Awnings can do more than shade a nice living space outside. They provide a protection for the indoor home as well. It protects your furniture from sun damage and fading as well as cooling the adjacent room. Along with the wide choice of interior window coverings, Hillarys Blinds sell awnings in a choice of 65 different fabrics which I think is great because you can match it to whatever in your garden or patio area. Hillarys awnings have many accessories that accompany them such as timers, sensors and lighting, to increase their functionality and convenience.

Are you lucky enough to have a skylight in your home? Do you find it hard to decide whether to decorate or not, and if so, how? Many companies offer blinds-to-fit for specialty windows like these. Hillarys Blinds has 150 styles and fabrics tochoose from, which can increase the skylight`s beauty and practicality.They advertise the ability to specially decorate your skylight or Velux windows with either roller, pleated or venetian blinds.

As well with furnishing skylight, the Hillarys Blinds website shows a video on how to turn a bright, open conservatory or sun room into a private, secluded get-away. Since their conservatory blinds are made to measure it allows you to leave a portion of the window uncovered as to let some sun in, or to cover the window providing complete shade in the room.

For more ideas on how to decorateyour windows or home, I would suggest visiting their picture gallery on the website. I hope this summary helps!