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Perth, located in Western Australia, is a great place to go for everyone who wants to go on a road trip, away from the hustle and bustle of the metro. It is a far off Australian territory that has the best scenic spots perfect for a peaceful getaway. To make the most of the road trip in this side of Western Australia, a Perth car rental could be a smart move.

You will be able to check out more tourist sites if you book a Perth car rental. You will not have to worry about bypassing any of the historic landmarks or picturesque places as you can travel on your own time and pace.

Car rentals help you save money and enable you to spend them for enjoyment instead of for the trip itself. A cab costs AUS$30 for a one-way, 15 kilometre ride from the airport to the city. While for AUS $37.92 car rental fee, you could already enjoy one entire day of unlimited driving.

Places in Perth you should check out

Create a list of areas you’ll want to visit. Begin with Perth’s cultural centre. It is located next to the train station and is home to great masterpieces. There are many art galleries, museums, and libraries you can visit.

Perth Mint is also one of the placesyou must check out. It won’t be difficult to find because it’s situated in the city centre along Hay Street east. If you’re thinking of getting friends and family some souvenirs, this is actually the best place to get them.

If you need to see some wildlife, come see the Perth Zoo. This zoo opened in 1898 and several of Australia’s native animals can be seen here. You will find no less than 1800 animals of 230 species kept in this zoo such as the Numbat, a marsupial that is also the emblem of Western Australia.

Tours inside the zoo are free of charge between 11am and 1:30pm every day.

You can also drop by Whiteman Park located in the northern outskirts of the city. You’ll be able to meet and pet many kangaroos and other animals as well as enjoy the railway museum.

The Kings Park, Subiaco is a picturesque landmark. If you want a little sun and sand during your trip, this place is perfect. Check out Fremantle beach or Cottesloe and get yourself tanned up. Stop by the Swan River as well; this place is ideal for a photo-op.

If you’re feeling like fishing, surfing or sailing, Lancelin will make a great stop. Mandurah, south of Perth contains great parks and estuaries. Drive down Margaret River and check out their vineyards. You may also buy the best bottles of wine in this area-sip some Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot to keep you energised along the way.

Stop by Kalamuda as well. This lovely village is located up in the hills of Perth and you’ll be able to get fresh and tasty Australian produce.

With a Perth car hire, it’s possible to enjoy your stay in Western Australia to see the greatest scenic spots it can offer. There are plenty of Perth car hire services available online, be sure you book them early and provide important details of your travel plans for a smooth-sailing and enjoyable trip.