Looking for professional and reliable office cleaning services in Perth, Western Australia? Check out Southern Cross Cleaning. With decades of cleaning experience, specialising in office cleaning, including many government departments, you will be surprised how quick, efficient and easy it is to get your office cleaned outside office hours.

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No matter if you have a small office or a big factory – The guys at Southern Cross Cleaning operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Southern Cross Cleaning Services covers the entire Perth metropolitan area, from Mandurah and Rockingham, Fremantle and Perth, all the way through to Joondalup, Midland and even Yanchep.

If you you prefer to contact Southern Cross Cleaning at their office:

Southern Cross Cleaning
Unit 7/207 Bank Street
East Victoria Park WA 6101
Phone: (08) 9361 0866

Web: http://www.southerncrosscleaning.com


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In the present day world, attracting the target market is very difficult. One of the reasons why this difficulty happens is that there are numerous companies with high budgets. These competitors can allocate high amount of cash for their marketing department, who are designated with creating strategies of attracting customers.

Luckily, an excellent marketing effort doesn’t necessarily require a big budget; there are specific ideas to make you visible in the market. There are some inexpensive yet effective ways through which one can do this. In this article, we will be talking about one excellent way of marketing your brand even if you are in a tight budget – internet marketing.

Internet Marketing, likewise referred to as website marketing, or simply web marketing is without a doubt expected to eclipse classified ads as the second-largest promotional channel across the world. It’s currently next to television video commercials. For this reason, both small and large marketers throughout the world have begun developing their web promotion because of the advantages they can bring.


Technology provides modified techniques on how you can perform business. The Internet has evolved the way we have expected, how we search for information and how to purchase sales and services. With the help of an expert SEO Perth service provider like Perth SEO Company, you can use the methods below for your web marketing purposes:

Creating and Publishing Articles to Niche Blogs

Nowadays, almost everyone is a part of blogging; most of the people post on their blogs or avidly read blogs. Hence, the best thing would be to publish your articles on famous blogs. Most blog sites are free but some of them will ask you to pay at a small amount to the owner of the blog for getting published. Of course, you always have to include a backlink pointing to your business website.

LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn is arguably the biggest professional networking site nowadays; LinkedIn groups form a very important factor in the internet world when we talk of professional area. By simply creating a group, this will give a new status to your product.

Publish E-Books

Unlike traditional book publishing, e-book publishing is not highly expensive. You can express and publicise your idea using e-book at a low-cost and many websites will publish it but they take part in the sales money. You can provide links to your site which will be very helpful for the readers in turn which will increase your business. For sure, many will click the link to get more information about your website once they have read the e-book.

YouTube Marketing

Using a home camera is enough to shoot your video and uploading it is enough to boost your sales and business. Today, YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms for marketing. Everyone from local businesses to giant production companies is all using this to create a buzz before introducing their product in the market. You can create a video where you can explain your product of the business, show them samples and share your views.

In the present day, online marketing has begun to change into a much wider combination of elements and organisations are able to use this type of marketing approach to skyrocket revenues.


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We can’t ignore the impact of technology on our lives nowadays. We can already call the 21st century as being the era of science and technology, and we have advanced so much in this field. This seems unbelievable but yet it has happened.

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Technology addiction

Almost every tool we use nowadays is digitised – we have digital cooking appliances, gadgets, vehicles, etc and they play a huge role in our lives. Sure, most of us would agree that advancement in technology plays a great role in our lives.

Arguably, the biggest advantage of technology that has given humans tons of benefits is the advent of the World Wide Web. The internet has allowed us to do a lot of new things and that includes allowing two people from opposite sides of the globe to communicate. Letters were the most common mean of communication less than a century ago, but now no one would even think of writing a letter because we can now talk via video call.

The internet has allowed us to access information from all around the globe. While most of the news you get to see on social media is purely factual, one may also see image results for particular news. In addition to more news available, all such information is also straightforward to access. All thanks to modern technology.

Another benefit of advanced technology is innovation in many fields. Technology has resulted in a global revolution either it is the field of medicine or farming or electronics. Nowadays, we can reap more agricultural products and livestock. Even incurable diseases like cancer have a proper cure now. There are so many other fields also which cannot survive without the backbone of technology.

But despite all the advantages we get from technology, we can also agree that it has downsides. One of which is we become too addicted to it. How? Check this out: https://www.watoday.com.au/lifestyle/health-and-wellness/it-s-time-to-admit-we-are-in-an-addictive-relationship-with-technology-20190807-p52es2.html

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Most businesses and many people borrow money at some stage to make a purchase, or to invest. Also known as ‘gearing’, borrowing to invest includes any type of borrowing to invest, whether it is a cash loan for a new business, investment property or for buying shares.

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Gearing is often considered to be highly risky, but it can also be good debt and the association of high risk with gearing only applies if the borrower has failed to plan for their gearing.

One major advantage of borrowing to invest or gearing is that it allows investors to almost instantaneously access more funds. This allows them to reap large returns on investments. As an investor, you’ll have more funds available which will allow you to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and diversify their investment portfolio.

Through gearing, you can have quick access to funds by taking out a quick cash loan when a good speculative or share opportunity arises. If you’re a smart, experienced investor, you’ll know when to use quick loans to pool funds and multiply returns. On the other hand, there are some newbies who fail and lose more (or in worse cases everything) when the market fails and still have to pay the loan – this results in negative gearing.

Negative gearing is an offset against any other sources of income that you have so you end up paying less tax. It happens when the interest and costs associated with the investment are more than the income you receive from the shares, property, or any other kind of investment. In other words, negative gearing applies to any sort of money borrowed to purchase any income-generating investment, and not only property.

For more on positive, negative gearing, and everything you need to learn about borrowing to invest, read this: https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/investing/invest-smarter/negative-and-positive-gearing

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No one wants to be worried every time we surf the net, browse websites, chat online and connecting to social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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We are all concerned with having a secured and trouble-free place to live in. In other words, safety has always been at the top of our priorities. In a world where everything is made possible because of technological advancements, extra precaution is also a necessary action to take. Keeping your personal information safe and private must be your ultimate goal, or financial details, or even chat conversations; whether it is your personal or more especially your business information.

Your password is the most crucial thing when it comes to cybersecurity. Taking care of your password is extremely important. There are email requests and other forms of fraudulent email messages out there but you should never respond to those and give your passwords. For safer online transactions, you should create a safer, strong password. A strong password is one that is long, combination letters, numbers and symbols.

When creating your password, make sure that cannot be easily guessed by hackers. Be creative by coming up with a password that is complex but you can easily remember. Do not use words that are found in universal dictionaries since they are vulnerable. Regularly change your password. At least every six months would do. Never save your password when prompted by your browsers or any running programs. You may turn this option off; see Options under Tools menu of your browsers.

If you are using applications or operating systems on your computer, keep them updated. Always install the updates and patches of applications. Always keep your antivirus file definition and security patches up to date.

For more on cybersecurity, check this out: https://www.flyingsolo.com.au/working-smarter/professional-development/simple-cyber-security-tips-small-business-owners

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When it comes to investing money, you’ll always want to make sure that you are able to put your money on the most profitable type of investment. Chances are, you’ve already sought for personal investment advice from just about all sides – your family, friends, co-workers and boss already have their own version of advice on where you should put your money.

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Financial advice

Aside from your peers, you can also use the internet for information about personal finance. It has a lot of services featuring this type of advice. But despite the availability of such pieces of advice, is it still necessary to ask for professional advice? Are the pieces of advice from your friends enough to help you make decisions about your personal investments?

Perhaps, you have a family member, friends, or boss who is knowledgeable or good at handling money. However, it does not mean they are also knowledgeable of money market accounts or bonds.

No matter how detailed the information you get over the internet about personal financial advice, there is no easy way to out to succeed in your investment. It is always risky no matter what. Even the most popular websites can give the wrong advice at times.

Professional financial advisors know investments as well as the financial factors in great detail. Being able to determine how investments will react to future market trends is a topic that professionals are very well knowledgeable of. They got this kind of personal investment advice from formal education rather than a shallow understanding of the market.

Credentials are the obvious reasons why many choose to work with professionals rather than from online blogs and articles, or from your friends. If you are trying the find out the credibility of someone, it is worth remembering that an extensive education is important. However, it is not always an indication that the investment will be a success.

Continue reading at https://thewest.com.au/business/your-money/nick-bruining-seeking-advice-why-it-pays-to-do-a-little-digging-c-152360

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Normally, home lighting depends on artificial lights. Homeowners use fluorescent lights, LED bulbs and incandescent bulbs. These artificial sources of light provide us with the necessary illumination we need especially at dark and night. They are convenient sources of light which we can use with only a flick of the switch.

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Home Daylight

Artificial lighting takes up much of our household consumption of electricity that we should also find ways to bring some brightness into our home. But during daytime, we have natural light provided by the sun. Hence we don’t need artificial lights during daytime because we can directly utilise sunlight into our home and use it as a free source of illumination.

Aside from being cost efficient, natural light is environmentally friendly. Using daylight does not produce greenhouse effect by gas emissions. They only require little, if any, of that process of extraction and shipping as many other sources of energy do.

Daylight home illumination is one of the biggest treasures that nature provides. However, it is often ignored when it comes to home lighting ideas. Design does not have to be about splashing money every now and then on the fad of the day.

There are so many ways wherein we can achieve natural home lighting. We don’t have to box ourselves inside our houses because we can make use of our windows and doorways. They can be opened up so that light can flood in.

When planning for your home design before construction, study the pattern of the sun as it moves across the sky. You can use this knowledge to put your windows in an optimum position to bring in more light.

One way to get the most out of daylight home illumination is by painting your walls with lighter and more reflective paints. Paint doesn’t cost that much so it is really worth it considering the benefits you get in return.

For more ways on brightening up your home using daylight, you can read this blog post: https://www.perthnow.com.au/lifestyle/ways-to-brighten-up-your-home-with-natural-light-ng-255516096cb1e5dd20593f779fd13ff3

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Are you planning to start your own business? Perhaps you already know that along with the benefits you can reap from running your own business, you also know that it is not an easy job. Running a business is fraught with challenges that must be addressed on a daily business.

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Business risks

As an entrepreneur, your obligation involves managing your employees, knowing how to deal with your customers, how to improve your products and services, thinking about your competition, and managing your cash flow. However, did you know that you also need to prepare yourself from fortuitous events like fire, burglary and disasters caused by natural calamities?

Hazards abound, whether they’re the result of honest errors on the part of the business or third-party negligence should be paid attention to. In order to protect your business from such risks, the most common way is by getting your business insured.

Business entities that are unprepared against disasters are often forced into bankruptcy. That’s because they are unable to absorb the loss. A common reason many business owners don’t have the right insurance in place is that they don’t understand their vulnerability.

Risk assessment is extremely important if you don’t want your business to fall. It can help you protect your business against all potential threats — in particular, those less frequent but nonetheless devastating natural disasters that strike without warning.

Getting business interruption insurance can be excellent protection your business can employ if you suffer physical damage from a fire and you are unable to operate. It can pay for lost income that is the result of an insured peril.

Apart from the business premise, you can also get your home insured against natural calamities. Sure, experiencing these events is devastating but having insurance can be a great help.

Read more about insurance right here: https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/insurance/home-insurance/storms-floods-and-fire

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Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions every person will make in life. With thousands of options, choosing the career that is right for you is very challenging. If you don’t have any idea what you want to do, the task may seem insurmountable. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

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Choosing a career

While some people are fortunate enough to just know what they want to do and end up in satisfying careers without switching from one career to another, most of us are not. Many of us here in Perth don’t put enough effort into choosing occupations or pick them for the wrong reasons. Perhaps they choose jobs that seem secure or pay well. As a result, they then end up unhappy. The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen to you is to make a well-thought-out decision.

The first step to choosing a perfect career is to know yourself. Before you can choose the right career, you need to assess your values, interests, soft skills, and aptitudes, in combination with your personality type. You can make use of career tests or career counsellors to gather information about your traits and, subsequently generate a list of occupations that are a good fit based on them.

Next, you need to do some research on which careers fit your strengths and weaknesses. Select the occupation that you think will bring you the most satisfaction based on all the information you have gathered from your personal assessment.

Once you’ve picked the career, you need to set your goals both short and long term. Then, put together an action plan that lays out all the steps you will have to take to reach your goals.

If you want to learn more about how to choose the career that suits you perfectly, you should read this article about the 12 key factors to consider when weighing up your career option: https://www.watoday.com.au/business/workplace/twelve-key-factors-to-consider-when-weighing-up-your-career-options-20181212-p50ln5.html

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LinkedIn has been one of the fastest growing social networking sites over the past few years. But unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is a business and professional-based social networking service. It allows you to create a personal profile to help promote yourself in the workforce. Businesses and individuals can create content that can introduce them to the right people.

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If you have a LinkedIn profile, you allow yourself to be seen by businesses and professionals. They can see what you look like and what you have achieved in your professional life. Your skills can be matched to their job opportunity and you can be contacted easily if you are suitable. Moreover, you can also create connections from people you already know. People you may want to work with in the future can also be great professional connections.

Business owners can also take advantage of LinkedIn by building trust for their brand. LinkedIn is a network full of groups that are devoted to specific professional topics. You can join the ones that are relevant to you. Once you’re a group member, you need to become active in discussions so that you and your company will gain recognition as an authority in the field.

If you just want to gather feedback about your new idea or product that has just been launched, LinkedIn is an excellent site to gather feedback. You can ask for feedback from people whose ideas and opinions you trust. Asking for input can be a great way to identify potential customers and to make current customers feel valued.

However, gaining high conversions are becoming more challenging especially nowadays when more and more people are turning into LinkedIn to promote their brands. Luckily, there are some hacks you can use for prospecting.

You can read the full article right here: https://www.smartcompany.com.au/marketing/networking/two-golden-rules-improve-linkedin-conversion/

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Good quality furniture is a significant investment expected to last for decades or sometimes for a century. But in order to achieve that, the object the right care they deserve.

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Do you love refreshing old furniture at your home? Refreshing old pieces of furniture is a rewarding activity. Refreshing your current furniture or a garage sale find is a great way to get an updated look at whether your furniture is outdated or you like changing your decor regularly.

Many homeowners think of throwing away their pieces of furniture whenever they notice faded stains, scratches or water rings. However, before you throw them out or give it away to your friends or family members, you need to try certain easy suggestions for restoring furniture.

To restoring old wood furniture, the easiest thing to do is to give it a light sanding and then paint it in a fun new colour. However, if you’re into the look of wood grain, stripping it down and re-staining that wood furniture might be your best bet.

Meanwhile, restoring your wood furniture without stripping is possible. Though stripping the original finish off a piece, sanding it down and re-staining it can be a long and arduous process, it is the most effective way to restore wood furniture.

Most homeowners hate stripping as it is a messy, time-consuming process. And sometimes the results aren’t as great as you had hoped. Luckily, you don’t always have to do the stripping to restore your furniture to its original lustre.

With every furniture restoration project, the first and most common procedure we do is by a thorough cleaning. It is an important first step in any furniture refinishing renewal project. Removing decades of dirt and grime often restores much of the original lustre. Most experts recommend that you use liquid soap and water.

Continue reading at https://thewest.com.au/lifestyle/diy/how-to-refresh-your-furniture-ng-b88832669z

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In an office or any workplace, it is the manager’s main job is not only to make sure that the office is clean and presentable to its clients, but to ensure that all workers perform their duties right, working to their full potential, and free from worry, stress and depression.

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By recognising workplace mental health you can witness your employees working to their full potential. It is arguably the best way to ensure that your employees work as one well-oiled machine working as a team for a certain goal.

The workplace can be a very tiring environment for anyone. No matter how hard you try to make it as worker-friendly as possible, there will always is a chance that one or more of your employees will feel the pressure and affect his physical and mental health.

Too much stress in the workplace causes a whole lot of health problems to your employees. These include issues such as anxiety disorders, depression, physical fatigue, and increased tension. It can also dramatically decrease a worker’s productivity. Workplace stress can also increase one’s risk of serious physical and mental problems.

As the boss, it is your responsibility to keep an eye among employees and notice some symptoms of mental health problems, which include anxiety, depression, stomach problems, decreased sex drive, fatigue, insomnia, and back pains. If you notice that one of your staff has one or more these symptoms, they should take a breather and contact consult an expert on mental health so that you’ll get an immediate solution to the problem.

Motivation is one key element that helps prevent mental health issues. That’s why employers should be sensitive to the mental health needs of their employees. If if you want to get the most out of what you pay for your employees’ salary, you should invest in the protection and well-being of your employees’ mental health.

Continue reading at this link for more on workplace mental health: https://www.perthnow.com.au/business/workplace-matters/mental-health-warning-signs-for-bosses-to-keep-eye-on-ng-b88817232z

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